Hi. My name is Dustin Owen, and I will be your guide through this realm. I'm not really from this world, but I'll do my best to speak your language.

Being from an "in-between" place, I was gifted with a unique vision. This space of the web is my own universe. A place of my own making. This is where the trilogy of my essence become one:


Why is dust such a big deal around here? Did you know that most of dust is actually sloughed off human skin cells?

"Geesh louweezy." - you

I know. I know. It's really cool when you think about it, though. We leave our dead skin everywhere we go; a trail of dust that follows us right to our grave.

We're born dying. We don't have to learn to die. We have to learn to live.

You're always welcome here. Enjoy my world, my home, and my foundation. I love you all.

- &